SPACE marketing

Send your product, brand, or something else, to the edge of space and back with Australia's premier space marketing provider. Generate superior visual content including 4K and 360 VR video.

Your <thing> at the edge of space

Elevate your brand and engage your followers with incredible footage set against the backdrop of space.

It's only about 20 km away, but the cold and airless environment of the stratosphere provides a spectacular view. Here the sky is black, the stars are visible all day, and Earth's atmosphere is just a blue line on the horizon - a thin blanket on our beautiful planet.

Now more than ever, we are connected to space in our hearts and minds through visual media. Let us take your audience there as we tell your story.

High-altitude balloon imagery of Australia

Affordable and guaranteed

Our high-altitude balloons offer fast access to the edge of space for less than 1% of the cost of sending something into orbit, with guaranteed results and a safe return to Earth. Contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Wow your audience, demand attention, and enjoy a remarkable return on investment when you fly with Australia's premier space marketing company.


At SuperSky Engineering we are all about combining technology and creativity. Let us help kickstart your space marketing campaign or publicity stunt to deliver something incredible and unique.

Our on-board systems can provide:

  • high-resolution photography

  • HD and 4K video

  • 360° virtual reality footage

  • motors and release mechanisms

Aerial camera lens