We have over a decade of research and engineering experience, from cryogenic cameras, to metrological modelling.

High-altitude balloon programmes

Let us provide expert advice on planning, designing and operating high-altitude programmes in Australia, including:

  • aviation approvals (CASA)

  • radio regulations and licensing

  • high-altitude balloon hardware

  • flight path prediction and modelling

  • payload tracking and recovery

High-altitude balloon flight path prediction
Custom space avionics

High-altitude and space avionics

Operating electronics in the space environment is very different to on the ground. Thermal management is key to remaining within the safe operating limits of components, which may overheat at high altitudes due to the lack of air, or overcool due to radiative losses.

At SuperSky Engineering we know what works and what doesn't, especially when it comes to operating commercial electronics in the space environment - let us provide the advice and/or hardware that you need to make your payload work first time.

Software simulations and modelling

At SuperSky Engineering, we write our own code (mostly). Predicting high-altitude flight paths has us slicing, dicing and plotting weather data every day.

We have years of experience in scientific computing for meteorology and even astrophysics, spanning Python, C, C++, and Fortran.

Coding Station