Advanced platforms

Intelligent systems take our low cost high-altitude balloon platforms to a new level of capability for advanced applications.

Extended flights and navigation

Extending the flight time of small latex balloons up to several hours can be achieved by controlled gas venting, providing a 'floating' platform below burst altitude, avoiding the added cost and complexity of superpressure or zero-pressure balloons.

Coarse navigation is also possible via cycles of venting and ballast ejection, allowing our balloons to dwell over areas of interest for prolonged periods, all under the control of our smart flight computer.

High-altitude balloon flight path prediction
Aerial camera lens

Stabilisation and pointing

Upper-level winds can produce unwanted payload motion. This can be remedied by passive (inertial) systems or active systems.

At SuperSky Engineering we have experience in custom stabilisation systems for a range of applications, including camera and antenna pointing.

Autonomous high-altitude platforms

Our high-altitude balloon platforms can operate completely autonomously. These 'aerobots' enable multi-node constellations with added benefits for Earth observation and remote sensing applications, such as:

  • constant observations

  • increased ground coverage

  • reliability through redundancy

  • robust wireless mesh networks

High-altitude balloon flight simulations


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