High-altitude balloon image of space above Earth




No-fuss access to the edge of space from Australia

Your partner in the stratosphere

SuperSky Engineering specialises in high-altitude platforms and systems, offering affordable access to the edge of space​ for the commercial and scientific sectors.

Launching Australia-wide, our high-altitude balloon (HAB) platforms operate at altitudes up to 100,000 ft, above 99% of Earth's atmosphere and in temperatures as low as -60 °C.


Oh, and the view is fabulous.

Our high-definition cameras offer a stunning and unique way to showcase your product or brand against the blackness of space with the curvature of our beautiful planet below.

If Earth observation is your game, then our rapidly-deployable balloon platforms are ideally suited to remote sensing and geospatial intelligence applications.

We also offer a range of payload design and testing services based on more than a decade of experience in scientific instrumentation and optical camera systems.